Stay - Jeremy Camp

Released in 2002, "Stay" is Jeremy Camp's second studio album and his first major-label studio album. This album has a multitude of hits that hit number one on the Christian music charts.

Most of the songs on "Stay" were influenced by the illness and death of his Jeremy Camp's first wife, Melissa. I detailed what Jeremy went through during that ordeal here on the artists page.

His songs on this album were born out of heart that was broken, and a faith that has been tested. Some of his songs are a declaration of faith from one who has walked through the fire. Jeremy's life experiences shape his music on "Stay". His perspectives are biblically sound.

Musically, the album covers a lot of ground. Personally, I like some of the more hard rocking, hard charging tunes on the album. Songs such as "Stay" and "Take My Life" really get my blood flowing. However, there are more contemporary songs on this album that I enjoy, too. There are some nice mellow ballads on the album, as well.