The Beauty of Simplicity - Telecast

When I listen to this CD, the words melodic, graceful, and beautiful come to mind.

The lyrics are simple, honest, and straight to the point. Songs about Jesus being the Way, the Truth, and Life. Songs about how we need Jesus in our lives. Songs about Jesus and his grace. Songs about getting more of Him and less of us into our lives. Songs about how we are covered by the blood of Jesus.

This album is a great listen, from the first song to the last. It's hard for me to describe Telecast music style other than just saying it's an awesome worship album. For me personally, the best song on the album is "The Way". However, I can't find that song online. Here's a link to their title song "The Beauty of Simplicity".

The guys in Telecast truly love Jesus and it shows on this outstanding album.