Cashless - Mark Hitchcock

Mark Hitchcock holds a law degree and worked in the judicial system in Oklahoma before hearing God give him a clear call to ministry and to change careers. At that point, he went to Dallas Theological Seminary where he completed a master's degree is 1991 and doctoral degree in2006. He serves as a Senior Pastor at his church and has served as the contributing editor for the Left Behind Prophecy Club.

Mark has a gift for understanding Bible prophecy as well as writing books on end-time Bible prophecy for the common laymen. He has written more than 20 books on the subject of end times. He backs his prognostications with facts of todays as well as using scripture.

His book "Cashless" details how the world is heading towards a global economy. Mark covers the current technological landscape and how our monetary system is changing. The ideas he talks about are in clear and easy to understand format. He uses charts and appendices to help express his viewpoint. Hitchcock references the Bible to prove his points.

As Hitchcock explains, although the topics of economic events happening in our world are not all necessarily bad or scary, there are indicative of the end times. Cashless is a fascinating and intriguing book. If you like reading about Bible prophecy and the end time, I highly recommend it.