I Still Believe - Jeremy Camp with Phil Newman

I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp is a book everyone should read. Everyone will go through loss in life. You may not end up losing your spouse of four months as Jeremy Camp did. But you will certainly face loss some day.

I Still Believe details how Jeremy showed an unwavering faith in the midst of tragedy. Even in life's deepest valley, Jeremy shows how God's love is always there for the taking. God's faithfulness is ever present. God is in our midst even during our darkest hour. God is always our rock we can stand upon.

The story of some of Jeremy Camps biggest hits, "I Still Believe" and "Walk by Faith", are detailed in the book. In the aftermath of loss, Jeremy wrote those two songs that have ministered to many. The stories behind other songs such as "Breaking My Fall", "When You Are Near", "Beyond Measure", "Healing Hand of God", and "There Will Be A Day" are covered.

As Jeremy states in the book, whatever your desire is, you won't get there by striving for it in your own strength. You won't get there by having laser-like intensity. The best way to see that your desires become reality is to seek God first. Seek to walk in purity before Him, fleeing from idols and temptations. Cry out to Him for his grace and mercy.