Implosion - Joel C. Rosenberg

Is the United States specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy? In Joel C. Rosenberg's book "Implosion", he contends the United States is not specifically referred to in the Bible. He theorizes that there could be four possible reasons why the United States is not an influence in end times.

One reason that Rosenberg gives is that of a financial "implosion". The United States is facing an economic disaster not only because of our current $16 trillion debt, but because of our unfunded liabilities. Medicare currently has an unfunded liability of $38 trillion of over the next seventy five years. However, with more baby boomers set to retire in five years, that number grows to $52 trillion. If you add in the money owed for Social Security, the unfunded liability grows to $57 trillion. And we still haven't even begun to discuss unfunded federal pensions.

Another reason that Rosenberg speculates could cause the United States demise is terrorism. For example, of the 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide, seven percent are considered as radicals, i.e., sympathetic and helpful to violent extremists. Seven percent may not sound like a lot, but that figures to be 91 million people that hate the United States and will do anything to destroy it. There are other terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda that want to see our demise as well. Add to that, looming threats from entire nations such as Iran, North Korea, China, Russian, and others.

There are other reasons why the United States could not be players in end time's prophecy and they are covered in great detail in the book. However, the book is not all doom and gloom. I found the chapter about the rebirth of Israel in 1948 fascinating. I learned historical aspects of that event that were unbeknownst to me. I also enjoyed the chapters about the first and second "Great Awakening" in the United State as well the stories behind the people who made these revivals occur. Other portions of the book that contained history of the United States were enlightening.

I highly recommend this book. The chapter on what we can do personally to inspire a possible third Great Awakening served as a wakeup call to me to be more diligent in seeking God and doing His will.