Rebuilding the Real You - Dr. Jack Hayford

In writing "Rebuilding the Real You", Jack Hayford uses the book of Nehemiah as an analogy for the Holy Spirit rebuilding our own lives. Just as Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit can restore and build up our lives to be the person that God wants us to be. Rebuilding the Real You is guide to learning how to allow the Holy Spirit work in your life, to maximize your potential for God.

Hayford uses quite a bit of the book of Nehemiah as metaphors for the Holy Spirit's working in our own life. For example, Nehemiah used the bricks and rubble leftover from the original wall, to recover rebuild the new wall. In our own life, the Holy Spirit will use the mess and rubble of our broken past to rebuild our current life.

The book of Nehemiah details the 12 unique gates that were rebuilt in the wall that surround Jerusalem. Hayford explains how each of those individual gates can be applicable to our own daily walk. For example, the Fountain Gate in indicative of how we must drink from the word of God daily. The Dung Gate is a reminder that we need to practice the regular confession of sin to allow the ongoing, purifying work of the Holy Spirit in our lifes. The Valley Gate is indicative of where we stand with God.

I found it helpful to read Hayford's description of how the spirit, body, and soul work separately to define who we are. I found it insightful to read Hayford's explanation of why so many names are used in the book of Nehemiah. The reason this occurs is this shows that God cares about each and every one of us, individually and by name. It also shows that just as rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem required people integrating and working together, we too must integrate others into our lives. We must work with other to help the Holy Spirit rebuild our lives.

This book helped me to understand the book of Nehemiah better. It is a great encouragement and helps people to understand how to allow God to restore our life. It beats using any type of self- improvement program that is doomed to fail when done on our own.