The Story Of Your Life - Matthew West and Angela Thomas

When Matthew West invited people to write to him and share their stories, he received nearly 10,000 responses. He read every single story. He learned of other people's trials and pain, as well as their hope in God. He read how God transformed people's lives no matter how dire their circumstances. He then took those stories and wrote this book about real people and the real struggles they faced.

There are 52 true stories in The Story of Your Life. Each story is a chapter that is about three pages long. Each story is compelling and shows how God is at work in different people from all walks of life. In each chapter, Bible verses are given to show Gods presence in our lives.

Since there are 52 chapters, one might consider using this as a weekly devotional. Personally, I took about three months to read the book, but took some time to dwell on each of the stories and the accompanying verses. The Story of Your Life will inspire you and reveal to you how God can restore us no matter what may have happened in our past. We learn that God is our rock whatever we may be facing in the present.