The Well - Mark Hall with Tim Luke

In his third book, Mark Hall examines why so many Christians are thirsty for something more in their lives. Like his two previous books Lifesongs and Your Own Jesus, Mark shares real life experiences with the reader. Whether it be a personal trial that Mark went through, or the true story of someone else, the stories are always compelling. Mark is a gifted story teller with a heart for God as well as a heart for ministry.

Many of us go to our own personal well, whatever that may be. We could have a well, where we seek accomplishments, approval, relationships, possessions, or talent to name just a few. However, these wells are "dry holes" that will ultimately leave us thirsty. They will never fully satisfy us.

As Mark details in the book, we should be seeking Jesus for our well. Jesus offers us the only well that will truly satisfy your thirst. The well of Jesus offers us an abundant and refreshing life. It really is His Living Water that sustains us.