Wild at Heart - John Eldridge

Wild at Heart is a book for both men and women. It takes a look at what makes a man tick. The book is slanted more to a male audience, but a woman can learn great insight to a man's spirit from this book.

Why is it that some men may enjoy hunting and fishing so much? Why is it that some men enjoy vigorous athletic activity such as racquetball, tennis, cycling, or other active sports? Why is it that some men enjoy watching a violent sport such as football? Why is it that some men enjoy a great action movie so much more than a woman?

Men vary widely in their temperament. Some men may not be as "Wild at Heart" as others. But God infused men with a yearning for action and adventure. That yearning is satisfied in men in different ways.

My wife gave me this book to read shortly after we were married. And I am very thankful she did. It really helped me to understand myself better. It helped me to appreciate how God wired me, as well as helping me to understand how other men are wired.

For me personally, I am not one that does a lot of athletic activity. So, with that in mind, I don't feel guilty watching a bit of sports on the television now and then. It doesn't mean I ignore my wife. I satisfy her needs by spending time with her, talking with her, each and every day. However, that need for me to be "Wild at Heart" is quenched by watching sports now and then, as well as doing projects around the house and yard. The way another man satisfies the "Wild at Heart" spirit may be completely different than me.

Elderidge uses biblical examples to back up this book. The book is worth a read for both men and women. I would especially recommend it to those who have not been married, or newlyweds. However, one can be married for forty years and still glean insight into a man's soul by reading this book.