Your Own Jesus - Mark Hall and Tim Luke

"Your Own Jesus - A God Insistent on Making it Personal" is the second book by Mark Hall. Mark is an incredibly gifted author and song writer, yet one of the humblest men you will ever meet. His knowledge and depth of scripture makes for great reading.

Too many people inherit somebody else's Jesus. That is, they may mimic what they see in their family, friends, and pastor rather than facing the need to find their own Jesus. In "Your Own Jesus", Mark Hall addresses our tendency to "serve Him" or "worship Him" without getting to truly know Him.

Readers familiar with his Casting Crowns music will recognize that Mark uses his song titles as chapter subtitles. Just as skillfully as Mark crafts songs for the masses, he's at ease writing a book that will inspire you and open your eyes. The storytelling is great in this book. It will truly touch your heart and stir your soul to have a more personal, intimate relationship with Jesus.