Third Day - The Come Together Tour

There is a multitude of Third Day DVD's to choose from. You can't go wrong in any one you choose.

Third Day's "Come Together" album came out in 2001. This DVD was filmed live at Ft. Meyers, Florida during the "Come Together" tour.

You want to know why I love Third Day so much? Go here to see Third Day perform "Nothing Compares" from this DVD. Totally awesome clip.

At the 2:50 mark, watch how seamlessly Mac Powell uses a break in the song to quote from the Apostle Paul. Mac relays to the audience how the Bible tells us that there is nothing in this world that will ever compare to the greatness of knowing Jesus Christ. Nothing! Furthermore, Mac explains how there is nothing in our lives that we should be willing to let go of in order to be closer to Christ.

Of note, if you never been to a Third Day concert, this clip is a good sample of what a Third Day concert is like. And for a "rocker" like me, I absolutely love the way this clip ends. Do you need some searing guitar to rock your world? This song finishes up with a blistering guitar solo that punctuates the fact that a Christian band can rock hard just as hard a secular band, yet still glorify God.