Born to Win

Born to Win is the inspirational true story of Leon Terblanche. To say, that he had a turbulent upbringing in South Africa is an understatement. Even in his adult life, Terblanche struggles with hurts and pains that leaving him crying out "Where are you God?"

This film reminds you that some people have experienced incredibly difficult childhoods. Whether you are young or old, life can be troubling and full of hard knocks. Wallowing in self-pity is a choice. Praising God in the storms of life is a choice as well. God can turn hurt, frustration, and emptiness into hope, faith, and victory.

This movie shows that God is with us. Despite the hurt and brokenness we may have experienced in the past, God is our only hope. Isaiah 58:9 says that the Lord hears us and answers us when we cry for help.