Courageous is the fourth movie that Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick, and the Sherwood Baptist church of Albany, Georgia have put out. From Flywheel to Facing the Giants to Fireproof, each release keeps getting better in all facets of storytelling and movie production.

Courageous has a message that is especially geared to fathers, but anyone would enjoy this movie. As Ephesians 6:14 tells us, fathers are to bring up their children by training and instructing them about the Lord. Although I'm not a father, I found that this movie inspired me to be a better person, and a more honorable person after viewing it.

Besides the biblically sound message about fathers "stepping up", I enjoyed the stories the movie told. There were some good plot twists that I did not see coming. Of all the pictures released by Sherwood Pictures, this movie has some of the best humor. There were truly some moments that make me laugh thinking about them, weeks after I have seen the movie.