Christian film making meets teenage surfer culture in Southern California and the result is … a shockingly good movie. Cutback is a Dove approved family film and deservedly so.

Cutback is the story of Luke, a high school senior. Luke faces some ordinary challenges that all high schoolers will face, as well as some extraordinary circumstances that not all teenagers will face. Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust in the Lord and not lean on our own understanding. In Cutback, we see how Luke must apply that thinking to his own situation.

The dialogue in Cutback is geared towards a youthful audience. For this reason, the movie may not be for everyone. The conversing between the teenage protagonists, some of them surfers, may not appeal to an older generation. For me personally, being in my late 40's, I enjoyed the teen dialogue and thought it was humorous. It made me harken back to the days of my teenage years when my friends and I spoke in a way that was less refined, less sophisticated, but nonetheless we succinctly expressed ourselves.

Cutback started a little slow and it took a bit of time before I was fully engaged in the movie. However, my patience was rewarded with a movie that had valuable lessons that a person of any age can apply to life. Cutback is a good reminder that we will all have struggles in life. Our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ will help determine how well we can handle those struggles.