Home Run

With baseball as the backdrop, Home Run is an entertaining movie. The story is about an all-star baseball player battling alcoholism who goes on a journey of transformation and redemption. The movie partnered with the "Celebrate Recovery" program.

The Celebrate Recovery program was founded by Saddleback church in 1990, as a response to twelve step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Whereas Alcoholics Anonymous is based on psychological theory and is vague in referring to a "higher" power, Celebrate Recovery is specifically based on the words of Christ. Celebrate Recovery is not just for alcoholics. Drug addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders are just some of the types of problems that Celebrate Recovery helps people find freedom from.

The Celebrate Recovery program is in over 20,000 churches nationwide. You can find more information about their program and where you might find it in your area answer here.