I Can Only Imagine

Forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow. Even more so when it's your own father. Worse yet, after the abuse you have experienced because of him, you consider him a monster. How do you forgive that?

I Can Only Imagine is the inspiring true story of Bart Millard, lead singer of the band Mercy Me. The film details Bart's difficult relationship with his father. Against that backdrop, we also learn how the band Mercy Me was formed and how Bart wrote the hit song "I Can Only Imagine".

The acting and production in this film was excellent. J. Michael Finley does an outstanding job as Bart. Dennis Quaid does a phenomenal job as Bart's dad. The DVD has some great bonus features about the actors, the title song, and the real Bart Millard, as well. This is yet another great Christian film by the Erwin brothers (Woodlawn and October Baby).

This movie illustrates the power of forgiveness. It shows us that no one is ever too far from God's love.