In-Lawfully Yours

Cute and humorous is how I would describe the movie In-Lawfully Yours. There were a few side splitting laughs in this romantic comedy. However, the gospel is presented throughout the film.

The movie is set in Bethel Cove. In the Bible, Bethel means "house of God". The main character helps her mother-in-law, who is named Naomi. In the Book of Ruth, we see the main character helping her mother-in law, Naomi. I enjoyed how the movie puts threads of the gospel throughout the film. The movie was produced by the creators of Christian Mingle.

Watching this film, I was reminded of some key Biblical lessons. We are not to judge others, and we should be accepting of others different than us. Also, sometimes we may see someone leave the 99 to go after the one loss sheep. And in doing this, it means we can't placate the majority to go after the lost one.

If you are looking for a refreshing, funny movie, I strongly recommend In-Lawfully Yours.