Loving the Bad Man

Loving the Bad Man is one of the most provocative Christian films I've ever seen. It's certainly not a movie that every Christian will enjoy. However, the film did have a positive message and is targeted for a Christian audience.

Loving the Bad Man is about a Christian girl who gets raped. From the horror of that act, a baby is conceived. The woman goes through the trials of delivering that baby against her family's wishes. After the birth, the woman goes through the struggles of forgiving the rapist. This involves visiting the man in prison and creating a friendship with him.

The movie has Stephen Baldwin (Christian actor) in a supporting role. The people who produced the film stated that they intended the movie for Christians. With that in mind, I have to give strong caution that this film isn't for everyone. Besides the subject of rape, the scenes in the prison are gritty and even violent at times.

If you decide to view this movie, it has a great message about forgiveness, family, and leaning upon the Lord. Just be forewarned about the subject matter.