More Than Dreams

More than Dreams is a documentary that tells the true stories of five Muslims from five different countries. Each of them saw Jesus Christ in a dream and/or vision. In each instance, Jesus invited them to have real relationship with Him. Each story was carefully research and verified.

The film is divided into five distinct parts, one for each person's story. You actually see and hear the person who the story is about during the telling of the story. Professional actors are used for dramatic reenactment interspersed with interviews of the actual person. The entire movie is done in the original languages with English sub-titles. At the end of each story, there is a five minute sermonette by a pastoral figure from that nation (Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, and Nigeria).

The movie portrayed Muslims as real people and not all fanatics - something many Western Christians need to realize. I was encouraged that each Muslim portrayed had their life transformed by accepting Christ as their personal savior. These stories are just a sample of a genuine phenomenon that is taking place in Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, where people have experienced a vision or dream of Christ and have accepted Jesus into their life.