Paradise Rediscovered

After watching the first 15 minutes of Paradise Rediscovered, my wife and I stopped the movie and discussed if we really wanted to continue watching this movie. We saw some things spiritually in that first portion that concerned us. After a brief amount of research of internet, we decided to go ahead and watch the movie. We were rewarded with a story that touched us and made us think.

Paradise Rediscovered deals with topics such as Christian Dominionism and Kingdom Now theology. We see people that claim to be Christian, but really are cults and practicing legalism. We see people that can reel off Bible verses by memory, but really don't know God's word.

If you watch the first portion of this movie and feel a bit uncomfortable with the way the Christian characters are portrayed, stick with the movie. You will be rewarded with a movie that makes you consider, as well as teaches that as Christians we need to think for ourselves. We need to be just like the Bareans in New Testament, constantly testing what is taught to us