Real is a film about four real people, their individual stories, and their encounters with a real God. Each story gives an illustration of how there are consequences to the choices we make.

Philippians 4:19 tells us that God will meet our needs. We know that God will meet us where we are at, no matter how dire your situation, no matter what circumstances you face. In this film, each person encounters Christ in a different way.

This movie did not have a big budget, and it didn't need to. In fact, if I think the simple filming of this movie helped tell the stories. The film had gritty feel to it, just like real life is gritty. Our real life is not a big glamorous Hollywood motion picture. Nor is our real picture perfect pretty. Our lives can and will be painful. The Bible tells us that we will face many trials in life.

This movie is a great reminder that Jesus Christ faced the cross for us. Because He loved us so much, he died for us. And His death on the cross gives us courage and resolve to face life's struggles.