Ring The Bell

Sometimes you just need a feel good movie. No heavy drama, no complex story, no plot twists, and no tissue required (other than the ending). Ring the Bell is just that type of movie. Nothing bad happens in the movie. There are no references to sex, drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors. It's just a wholesome uplifting movie.

I thought some of the characters were played just a bit "over the top" and that made the movie that much more fun. I enjoyed the cameos by Stephen Curtis Chapman and Matthew West. I loved the concert appearance by Casting Crowns (as part of the storyline), singing a couple of their hits. And I never tire of Mark Hall delivering the gospel.

Ring the Bell asks the question "Where does your heart truly lie"? Are you going to chase after what the world has to offer? Or are you going to chase the perfect plan that God has for your life? Are you going to pursue worldly goals and let that set your priorities and values? Or are you going to choose Jesus and the eternal joy that He brings? Proverbs 18:1 says that those who separate themselves from God and seek their own desires are rejecting good judgement.