Roe v Wade

Roe v Wade was one of the most significant Supreme Court decisions ever. The 2021 movie of the same name tells the story of how the court came to that landmark decision.

This story is from an insider's perspective, Dr Bernard Nathanson. A physician who was involved in as many as 60,000 abortions, he later became a successful anti-abortion advocate. If you don't know who "Roe" and "Wade" were, the movie details who they were, and how the case arrived at the Supreme Court. A large cast of familiar faces, including Jon Voigt, Corbin Bernsen, and John Schneider help tell the tale.

Jeremiah 1:15, Job 31:15, and Psalm 139:13 are just some of scriptures that tell us that God created and formed us in the womb. Science and the Bible tell us that life begins at conception. It is murder (sin) to kill that life.