Running Inside Out

The Bible has numerous verses about how we run the race before us. I cannot help but think that Running Inside Out is an allegory to those verses. The literal act of running (jogging) does play a small part of this film. But I see figurative references to running the race the Bible talks about in the supporting characters.

Hebrews 12:1 talks about running the race with endurance, laying aside sinful behavior. As we run the race for Christ, do we wash the feet of others, as Christ did in John chapter 13? That is, do we willingly and humbly serve others, thinking of other's needs before our own? Or do we treat others with disdain, those who don't live up to our expectations?

In Running Inside Out, you see characters that vividly display the love of Christ, serving others with unconditional love. You will also see examples of characters that show sinful behavior such as arrogance, contempt, and scorn for others.

Another powerful thread that runs throughout the film is the subject of choice. We see how there is consequences to our choices. Abortion is a choice, and there are repercussions to that choice. We see how we can't change people, but we can still choose to love them just the same. We have a choice to forgive someone, and move on.

Running Inside Out is loosely based on a true story. It is an emotional movie. You will see how choosing God in the middle of life's dilemmas make you a winner. With Christ you can overcome problems and win the ultimate prize.