Sarah's Choice

The Bible is very clear that abortion is wrong. Jeremiah 1:5, Job 31:15 and Psalm 139:13 state that God formed us in the womb. Every fetus is a wonderfully made marvelous work of God. The miracle of life is a gift from God. It should be cherished, nourished, and protected.

Sarah's Choice is a powerful Christian movie on the subject of abortion. The movie does an excellent job of dealing with this issue both from a Christian viewpoint, as well as the secular viewpoint.

As Christians, it's a no-brainer that we would not engage in abortion. But what thought process does a non-Christian go through in considering abortion? What type of viewpoints would a secular person present in regards to someone contemplating abortion? Sarah's Choice did a good job of showing how those with no belief system can view perceive abortion as something that is trivial.

Rebecca St. James does a phenomenal job as the lead character in this movie. She gave a very convincing performance as Sarah. The story was very believable, the characters were well written, and the acting was very good.