Soul Surfer

This story of a promising amateur Hawaiian surfer, who overcame a crippling shark attack at age 13, would make for a compelling movie experience even if it was fiction. But this movie is based upon the true story of Bethany Hamilton and that makes this movie all the more inspirational.

Bethany Hamilton shows how God can make something great out of something bad that has happened. Bethany's faith and determination are a great example of what Christ can lift us up to do.

If you rent the movies, don't cheat yourself by not watching all the special features on the DVD. To meet the real Bethany Hamilton in the featurettes is quite a delight. The "Heart of a Soul Surfer" documentary on the special features is a "must see". To see the real life Bethany Hamilton's attitude in the hospital bed days after that attack is a testament to seeing how Christ can help us rise above even the worse adversity that we face. I absolutely loved the movie, but I found the "Heart of a Soul Surfer" documentary impacted my faith even more than the movie itself.