Unbroken: Path to Redemption

Forgiving those that have hurt us is a challenge we all face in life. The urge for revenge or justice can consume us, even break us.

The first movie, Unbroken, told the true story of Louis Zamperini during World War 2. Unbroken: Path to Redemption continues the inspirational story of Zamperini when he returned home to the states. His struggles with PTSD, alcohol, and forgiveness were a battle he overcame through accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. His redemption was real and is documented in the closing credits as well as special features.

The special features and closing credits are a "can't miss" on the DVD. Seeing actual pictures and film footage of Louis Zamperini and Billy Graham throughout the years was very cool. It includes their first meeting in 1949, as well as up to 2014, when Zamperini passed away.