Looking for a Christian movie based on a true story with great historical perspective and uplifting revival? Look no further than Woodlawn.

Woodlawn is based on the real life story of Tony Nathan. Set in Birmingham, Alabama in 1973, Nathan faced the challenges of racial tension, riots, and cross burnings. Nathan and other black students are bused to an all-white high school in order to end segregation. As a black football player, he faces anger and violence on a daily basis until something truly remarkable happens.

Woodlawn accurately portrays the transformation that happened when more than 40 players on Nathan's high school football team, nearly the entire squad, gave their lives to Christ. It starts with the team being radically changed by the message of hope and love of Jesus. The word of the gospel spreads, from Nathan's team to another team, and throughout the community. The change is so profound that the revival Birmingham experienced in 1973 is still felt today.

I highly recommend this film. The extras on the DVD were great. The movie itself and the special features briefly covered the background of racial tensions Birmingham had prior to, and during the time period of the film. This move exemplifies how love and unity overcame real life hate and division. That made this movie all the more special. Even in the midst of chaos, God is present and working in people.