Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage - Mark Gungor

The Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD set is a wonderful way to improve your marriage. Mark is one of funniest men I've ever seen. But don't get lost on that fact. Mark is a Senior Pastor and he gives very practical advice on how couples can improve their marriage. By coupling humor with biblically based teaching and principles for living, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage will have you rolling in the aisles while still helping you to understand your spouse better.

Mark covers topics such as "The Tale of Two Brains - Why men and women are wired differently." Mark explains the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships, combining striking clarity and practical solutions to common relationship woes. Mark also gives a powerful teaching about the role of forgiveness in marriage.

During the course of teaching, Mark will introduce you to the "Flag Page". My wife and I have done the "Flag Page" twice during the course of our marriage and highly recommend it. It really helps to see what makes the other one tick.

Mark's candid and comedic approach uses unforgettable illustrations and the power of laughter to teach proven principles that are guaranteed to strengthen any marriage. Mark's humor makes this small group study enjoyable, effective and memorable, helping husbands and wives remember these insights and immediately put them to work.

Need a good laugh? Go out to and search on Mark Gungor to find numerous examples of Mark's humor.

The Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage website is here.