Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World - Dr. David Jeremiah

Currently we have a lot of unrest going on in our country, as well as around the globe. As Christians possibly living in end times, how do we handle the tension that is going on? What type of attitude shall we have in the midst of chaos? How can we have peace while still seeing things fall to pieces around us? How do we live with confidence in this age of turmoil?

Dr. David Jeremiah addresses these issues and more on this DVD-Based study. Dr. Jeremiah gives sound Bible-based answers to these questions. We learn about habits we must establish to form a pattern for living with certain hope in our uncertain times.

The lessons cover characteristics we must implement in our own lives to help us weather the chaos going on in the world. There are they are titled:

Stay Calm
Stay Compassionate
Stay Constructive
Stay Challenged
Stay Connected
Stay Centered
Stay Confident
Stay Consistent
Stay Committed
Stay Convinced

The DVD came with the 10 sessions listed above as well as an introductory session review of the book "What in the World Is Going On? Each DVD session lasted about 10-15 minutes. Also included was a leader's guide. I found the leader's guide to very helpful. It referred back to the scriptures Dr. Jeremiah used in each session, as well as additional verses. The leaders guide was very helpful in giving discussion questions to use after viewing that sessions video.

Things in our world are only going to get worse. If you have not seen this small group study, I highly recommend it. It's vital to see and learn the principles discussed in this study for these times we live in.