"Deepening Life Together" DVD study on Romans

Our small group did the "Deepening Life Together " DVD study on Romans. The content and production were excellent. The DVD is slick and very well produced. The graphics, maps, and illustrations were top notch. Each of the seven sessions lasts about 11 minutes.

The DVD used insightful commentary from pastors and scholars at leading Christian college seminaries. There was also extra material on the DVD besides just the seven sessions that is helpful to a small group leader. O a side note, I appreciated the fact that current events were used to illustrate points. The sessions on the DVD also reflected other current pop culture items such as movies or persons to illustrate a point.

In addition to the DVD, we used the accompanying study guide to this DVD. The study guide was very well put together. Inside each chapter, it had sections especially designed to help the small group connect, grow together, develop, share, and surrender. The study guide had sections for "Deeper Study"' as well. Each individual chapter in the book corresponded to each of the seven sessions:

An Introduction to Romans
Condemnation: Humanity's Need of Righteousness
Justification: Salvation through Faith Alone
Sanctification: Living Out Our Life of Righteousness
God's Plan for His Chosen People Israel
Living Out This New Life, Part 1
Living Out This New Life, Part 2

Regarding the material on the DVD as well as in the book, sound theology on the book of Romans was taught. It was well organized. The principles of the book of Romans were covered well. At the end of the series, my knowledge of the Apostle Paul as well as the book of Romans increased a great deal.