Skit Guys

We have used numerous Skit Guys videos in our small group. Skit Guys videos are hilarious, but they give down to earth sage advice. Good, biblically based teaching. The videos are always entertaining. The humor gets everyone laughing and helps to engage all the members of the small group.

We purchased Volume 3 of the "The Skit Guys - You Teach" series. I was impressed with the DVD. Not only did we get seven videos that we could use to spur a small group study of God's word, we got a plethora of resources on the DVD when we loaded it in the computer. For each video, we had an accompanying study guide, message outline, and discussion questions that were accessible when loaded into a pc. These resources were handy to use for leading small group. They helped me as leader divide the teaching portion into sections such as the main point, the big picture, and the biblical perspective.

Volume 3 had some great videos. "The Mourning Booth" was not your typical funny Skit Guys video. It was a profound example of what the Bible tells us about mourning. We will have to go through mourning some time in our life. We will have to be there to support others in mourning sometime in life. It can make all the difference in the world if others are willing to sit next to us and share our pain, sorrow, hurt, and trouble, by simply being with us in the midst of our circumstances.

Another good video on Volume 3 was "The Parachute". The focus of the video was salvation. Hebrews 9:27 tells us that we all are destined to die once, and then face judgment. This video and study notes help make the point that we all will spend eternity somewhere. We all need a savior. That savior is Jesus.

Other videos on Volume 3 covered items such as relationships, your perception versus reality, choosing one's word carefully, and determining God's will for your life.

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