Blessed Be Your Name - Beth and Matt Redman

A multitude of artists have covered Beth and Matt Redman's hit "Blessed Be Your Name". Newsboys, Tree 63, Rebecca St. James, and Downhere to name just a few of the artists to cover this giant hit on their own albums. It's a classic that I've enjoyed hearing at many Christian concerts, as well as singing it in worship myself at my local church.

Most people are familiar with the title lyrics that are based upon Job 1:21

However, there's some other lines in this song that I have impacted me in a great way:

You give and take away
You give and take away
But my heart will choose to say
Blessed be Your name

I always interpreted those lines as God giving and then taking away life. Such as the life of grandparents. They are no longer living. God gave and took away. I also applied those lines to pets in my life that I have lost. I was happy to have those pets in my life, now they're gone, but I will still bless His holy name.

One day in the middle of this song during worship, my Pastor stopped the music. He said something that had me do a complete paradigm shift in my thinking about those lines. As he reflected on those words, he said "God gives us healing and takes away pain. God gives us peace and takes away anxiety. God gives us strength and takes away our weakness."

Wow! To now interpret those lines in that sense, completely blew my mind. Those lyrics now remind us that God is the ultimate source for all our needs. He is our Provider.

My favorite version of this song is the Tree63 version, which was the 2005 Dove Awards Worship Song of the Year. Chris Tomlin has described Tree63's rendition of "Blessed Be Your Name" as "...the definitive recording of one of the most all-encompassing songs in the entire world of Christian music." I strongly agree.

On a personal note, I will always cherish the song (especially the Tree63 version) as it was played at our wedding. After the Pastor pronounced us man and wife, this song was played as my bride and I walked down the aisle, away from the altar. It will forever be "our song".

Here's a link to the Tree63 version, complete with lyrics.