Never Going Back To OK - The Afters

"Never Going Back To OK" is one of my all time favorite songs. It features so many things that make for a memorable tune. A great beat, awesome guitar riffs, an "in your face" drumbeat, and strong vocals make this song very catchy.

Lyrically, the song reminds me of my life of before Christ was in it. My life was just "OK". The days "I wasted complacent and tasteless and bored". My life was mediocre and filled with discontent.

The lyrics also tell me how my life has changed with Christ in it. "I'm waking up, like I'm back from the dead". " I feel alive". As Romans 6:11 tells us, we should be alive to God through Jesus Christ. As people who have received the grace of Jesus Christ, "We are never going back to OK".

Here's a link to a clever video the Afters put out for this song.