Take My Life by Jeremy Camp

Just after I was baptized in September 2003, I was station surfing in my car and God lead me to discover a Christian radio station (http://www.air1.com). The first song I ever heard was Jeremy Camp singing "Take My Life". This song completely rocked my world! Hearing such a powerful baritone voice with driving guitars and a wall of sound was something that I didn't know existed in Christian music. And as great as the instruments in this song sound, it always come backs to the words in Christian music.

Lyrics such as "Take my life, take my mind, take my soul, take my will, I am yours now, and I give it all to You" are an example of James 4:7 where we are called to submit to God.

Here's a link to the original version of the song.

If that version is a little too hard rocking for you, here's a link to a scaled back, softer version, complete with lyrics.