You Know - Pivitplex

I've always loved great power pop music, and this song is a great example of it. Strong melodies, great backing harmonies, prominent guitar riffs, and a great drum beat make this catchy song a pleasure to listen to over and over again. And as always, it always come backs to the lyrics. There is a line in this song that is so profound that it prompted me to email the lead singer of the band just to verify that he and I were on the same page about the meaning.

It's sweet in your mouth, but you won't spit it out
So now it's going to burn you from the inside out
But you say, it's taking the pain away

What an apt description of sin this song provides. Sin does taste sweet, and it can be hard to spit out (turn away from). In our brokenness, we can certainly rationalize that whatever our addictions may be (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.), that we choose that vise to help take our pain away.

But, you know there's a cure that will take it away.

Whatever pains we may face, we can rest assured that Jesus is the only cure that will take our pains away (Isaiah 53:4).

Here's a link to the official music video.