Christian Music Artists and Groups

On my Songs page, I give some important information on why Christian music is important.

I won't repeat the same message here. However, I will say this. I've seen some of the biggest bands in the world live in concert. Bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, and R.E.M. to name just a few. In my pre-Christian days, I easily went to over 150 concerts. I'm here to tell you that not a single one of those concerts can even compare to the experience of going to a Christian concert. The difference is like night and day.

Christian music affects your heart. Secular music will not and cannot affect your heart the way that Christian music does. Christian music affects the very depths of your soul, the fundamental foundation of who you are in God.

As Christians, there is one very important fact that we must remember:

Music is a choice. And we must choose wisely in what we listen to.

Below is some information on some Christian groups and artists that I enjoy.