If you have read the About Me link, at the bottom of each page, you know the history of the relationship between music and me. As for where I am today, Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns, captured my thoughts perfectly about music in his book "Lifestories":

If I were to listen to some of the old, secular, music I once enjoyed, it would be like my saying, "I don't live my old life; I'm just a fan of it.". Jesus starts getting into my head a little bit in Matthew 5-6 and asserts, "All these things concern your heart. These are heart issues." What does that say about the music I absorb? For me, listening to secular music is like saying, "This is isn't who I am, but I wouldn't mind being it for a day - or at least reminiscing." That just doesn't compute.

Mark's words resonate deeply with me. Before I re-dedicated my life to Christ, I used secular music to fill a hole in my heart. The music I listened to I felt at a deep emotional and cerebral level. Now, I listen to music that glorifies God and I'm amazed at how far deeper emotionally and cerebrally the music affects me. The Christian music I listen to nowadays profoundly affects me at the deepest level of my heart, the core of my being.

Does listening to secular music matter? Once again, I refer to the words of Mark Hall and his book, Lifestories:

Therefore, what I listen to does matter. When I watch does matter. Everything matters. We are spiritual beings, and everything that touches our lives has spiritual implications. (Philippians 4:8).

Whatever your music taste is, you can pretty much find Christian music in that genre. Whether it's pop, rock, rap, or head bangin' metal, you can find music that glorifies God. Below, I've listed some Christian songs that have had a profound affect on my Christian walk.