My wife and I enjoy watching movies together at home. We have found that watching wholesome Christian movies drastically changes our outlook on life.

Yes, sometimes we watch movies that aren't specifically Christian. Of course, we use due diligence and research non-Christian movies. We won't watch any movies that we find our objectionable to our faith.

We can watch a great clean non-Christian movie and it may make us feel good. It makes us feel entertained. However, when we watch a great Christian movie that glorifies Christ, it leaves us more than just feeling entertained. It impacts our faith. It impacts our heart. It builds us up and enhances our everyday walk with Christ. It can profoundly affect your attitude for days on end.

If you've never watched a Christian movie, try watching one of these movies below. Notice the difference of how the most important thing in your life - your personal relationship with Jesus Christ - is enhanced by watching a movie that reflect His values, not Hollywood's.